The pinnacle of Relthoza vessels, the Apex closes with the enemy at an ominous pace, cloaked in a shifting field of light and a plethora of sensor foiling technologies. Then, once in position, it releases a hellish torrent of short range craft, assault pods and crushing weapons fire primed with voracious nanites, reducing the enemy to drifting wreckage in moments.

Dreadnoughts represent cutting edge design and armament, the newest wave of engineering that sets the precedent for the continuing conflict, and the Relthoza Apex Class Dreadnought is certainly no exception. The massive vertical of this model makes it look fierce some on the tabletop, and its weapon systems certainly allow its capability to match its looks. The Apex is a grim ship to board, or be boarded by, and small craft should be cautious when getting too close to this Dreadnought.