Aquan Sebrutan
Guardians of Csera
Biology Aquatic, Multiple
Government Union
Genetic Engineering
Associated Factions
Alliance of Kurak
The Aquan Sebrutan – or ‘Union’ – is one of the oldest spacefaring powers. Its great ships have been sailing the void of space since long before humanity had even mapped the surface of Terra, let alone launched itself into the stars. The Sebrutan’s people are composed of many different sentient lifeforms, most aquatic, and some the products of genetic engineering.

Despite some initial conflicts years before, the Aquans have enjoyed cordial relations with the Terrans and Sorylians. Like most alien species, they maintained neutrality during the secession wars that sundered human space, though they remained supportive of the Terrans.

Now however, the Storm Zone invasion has placed the Aquans directly in the firing line of Zenian League aggression, especially from the Directorate. Faced with such danger, the Aquans formally joined the Alliance of Kurak, and have mobilised their great Prime fleets to defend both the Storm Zone and their ancient empire.

Despite their peaceable temperament, the Aquans maintain a large fleet of well-armed warships. The aquatic nature of the Sebrutan’s peoples makes them highly accomplished spacefarers, accustomed to thinking in three dimensions of motion.

Aquan ships are nothing less than colossal cybernetic organisms, products of the Sebrutan’s expertise in biomechanical engineering. Vast living cores, protected by dense carapaces provide tremendous natural electrical power to mechanical systems spliced into them, including drives and weapons.

Aquan weaponry consists of powerful electro-chemical lasers, manipulated by prismatic ‘irises’ to fire in any direction, and massed torpedo tubes supplied with corrosive ordnance manufactured by the ships themselves. Vessels are mostly filled with water, presenting severe difficulties to enemy boarders. Special chemical additives prevent ‘flash-freezing’ of damaged compartments.

The Battle Shoals of the Sebrutan are deadly in combat. Whole fleets move in graceful cohesion, apparently without vulnerable quarters, shattering opponents with blistering firepower. Now roused to anger, the Aquans are lethal foes for any Zenian foolish enough to cross them.


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Fleet RulesEdit

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