Storm Zone: Battle for Valhalla
Product Number FABB01
Release Date December 2013
Game Version 2.0
MSRP $80.00
Still in Print? Yes
Type Box Set
The Storm Zone: Battle for Valhalla Box Set is designed to introduce two players to the Firestorm Armada galaxy. Through a series of fun and exciting scenarios it will tell a gripping story, and talk players through the game engine. Each scenario will bring new elements to the game, allowing new players, and veterans learning the Second Edition rules, to get to grips with the mechanics in manageable chunks.

Add to this two good sized fleets of stunning new models, all the tokens, templates and dice you need to play and a full Firestorm Armada 2.0 Hardback Rulebook, and this great value box is clearly a must for all aspiring Firestorm Armada Admirals!

Inside the box you get:

Terran Alliance :

  • 1 Tyrant Class Battleship</li>
  • 3 Teuton Class Cruisers</li>
  • 4 Armsmen Class Frigates</li>
  • 4 Large SRS token</li>
  • 4 Small SRS token</li>
  • 1 Large Research Station</li>

    Dindrenzi Federation :

  • 1 Praetorian Class Battleship</li>
  • 3 Secutor Class Cruisers</li>
  • 3 Thraex Class Frigates</li>
  • 2 Large SRS token 2 Small SRS token</li>
  • 1 Hardback Firestorm Rulebook</li>
  • 1 Missions Booklet</li>
  • 1 Set of 24 dice</li>
  • 2 Token Sheets</li>
  • 2 Asteroids sheet</li>
  • 1 Templates sheet</li>
  • Tactical Ability Cards</li>