The Terquai are one of the most unusual peoples in this galactic quadrant, for they are one of the few human populations to live directly under alien governance. They are the descendents of die-hard Terran colonists who originally settled on the worlds of the Shan Quo Fan Systems just prior to the Wars of First Contact.

Many settlers, led by Admiral Admon Ter’Qai from whom they took their name, chose to become citizens of the Aquan Sebrutan rather than relocate at that conflict’s end. They shared their worlds with many Aquan species in a unique symbiotic society. Eventually, they became a key link between the Aquan and Terran governments, and Terquai emigrants were permitted to establish enclaves on many other worlds within the Sebrutan.

Despite their continuing connection with Terra, the Terquai have a rugged pioneer spirit that shares many aspects with that of the Dindrenzi. The Outer Reach separatists during both secession wars tried to tempt the Terquai to join them.

But the Terquai disdained the xenophobia of their Reach cousins and refused to betray their long-time allies, earning the enmity of the Dindrenzi state. This has only grown stronger over time, especially with the rise of the Church of the Dramos Angels, who condemn the Terquai as the worst kind of deviants.

The Terquai in turn have a seething hatred for the corporate oligarchs of the Directorate. Many Terquai enclaves have been beset by Directorate raids, and they are champing at the bit for the chance of proper reprisals.

Although human, the Terquai are often wild and strange in appearance to Terran eyes. They have adopted outlandish customs and styles, many of which echo aspects of the various Aquan peoples who share their worlds. However, the Terquai are no simpering dreamers, but tough frontier people, practical and resilient.

Terquai technology, including their spacecraft, is a unique blend of human and Aquan aspects. Their warship hulls are living carapaces grown from special gene-cultures. However, while capable of limited self-repair Terquai vessels are not cyborg organisms as Aquan ships are. They compensate for this with thickly layered armour, especially on their flanks.

The Terquai have a preference for railgun batteries to crack open enemy warships, and use large numbers of chemical torpedoes to burn wide holes in their hulls. They are also hardy fighters at close quarters, being adept in the kind of ship-to-ship assaults that the Aquans themselves prefer to avoid.


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