The Relthoza
Masters of The Deep Rifts
Biology Arachnid
Government Hive
Associated Factions
Zenian League
The Relthoza are easily the most intimidating alien race encountered by humanity. Apparently evolved from social arachnoids, their very appearance is notoriously frightening to human eyes.

The race is composed of several castes, from the small worker menials to the colossal and virtually immobile ruling Brood-Queens. But the Relthoza are not unthinking beasts. Their Empire is a complicated but highly efficient and technologically advanced civilisation.

During the early expansion of the human empire, the Relthoza fought a long war and brutal war against the human Outer Reach colonists whose descendents became the Dindrenzi. Now though, the two powers are reconciled enough for the Relthoza to wage war for the Zenian League cause. This is just as well; a swarming urge is rippling through the Empire, a time when the Relthoza are driven to expand and conquer!

Relthoza warships are as threatening in appearance as the Relthoza themselves, with sharply angled hulls composed of bonded ceramics. However when well-handled they are rarely seen at all, thanks to their remarkable defences.

The Relthoza protect their ships with sophisticated cloaking technology – the infamous ‘Web of Shifting Mirrors’. These protective sheaths are formed of quadrillions of nano-robots that reflect or absorb light and other energy which might give away a vessel’s position.

Relthoza weaponry also uses nanotech to function, and its effects are uniquely horrifying. Relthoza hydrocannon batteries unleash vast clouds of flash-frozen water ‘needles’, containing trillions of matter-consuming nanobots. These horrific weapons eat through nearly any material in short but ferocious bursts, almost literally dissolving their targets.

The Relthoza favour tactics of stalking, ambush and swift, lethal strikes to cause terror in their opponents. For once the enemy are driven away their vulnerable territories will be ripe for conquest. As the Relthoza fleets cut deeply into Kurak Alliance space, they are proving well worthy of their fearsome reputation.