Of the many wholly starfaring races that abound in this galactic quadrant, the Xelocians are the most well-known, and probably the most numerous. Driven from their original homeworld many years ago by a spate of natural disasters, the Xelocians have roamed the stars ever since in fleets of colossal world-ships – a travelling empire and its provinces scattered among the blackness of space.

The Xelocians survive by trading and salvaging the vital materials they need to sustain their civilisation. Incorrigibly curious, they are intrepid spacefarers and explorers, and superlative pilots. They are also not above mounting raids on creatures hostile to them to get what they need – earning the nickname of ‘vultures’ among their enemies.

Though spread far and wide, the Xelocian world-fleets are all subject to the great Capital-Fleet, which passes for the capital of their empire. Currently, the Capital-Fleet’s course is taking it directly through the embattled Fathoms Reach. Unable to move their colossal world-ships by Fold Space shunt, the Xelocians have taken up arms to defend their capital from Zenian League aggression.

The Xelocians do not risk their world-ships in combat, but instead have developed powerful, purpose built warships to defend them. Although appearing delicate and fragile, Xelocian craft pack a big punch for their size, and are swift and agile.

Xelocian ships incorporate much advanced technology salvaged, traded or recovered by explorers over the years. Their favoured weaponry is powerful beam-laser networks, whose deadly intersecting rays can scissor enemy craft into slivers of burning wreckage. They also make extensive use of light attack craft, crewed by some of the best pilots in the Alliance of Kurak.

The Xelocians are firm members of Kurak’s organisation, thanks to their long association with the Hawker Consortium and as the best way to protect the Capital-Fleet as it traverses the most dangerous warzones. Their clarion call has gone out to the most distant Province-Fleets, and hundreds of Xelocian flotillas are flocking to join Kurak’s cause.